Marrakesh Tea Party

The Ancient flavour of Myrrh and the freshness of mint, mingle together in this verdant and refreshing cocktail, inspired by a walk through the mysterious Medina of Marrakesh.




  • 40ml Vodka
  • 10ml myrrh infusion
  • 25 mint syrup
  • 20ml lime juice
  • 70 green tea
  • For the myrrh infusion infuse 5 grams of myrrh with 700ml vodka for 3 hours shaking the bottle every 10/15 minutes. Fine strain. 


Pour all the ingredients into one half of a boston shaker, add ice and stir, then air the drink by straining the drink from above into the other half of the shaker and then back again, repeat this motion 4 or 5 times, this action in known as throwing. Strain into a Brandy Pipette or goblet style glass.