Maestro Challenge now in it’s 4th Year!

This years theme was ‘I Pittori Costaioli‘ a name given to a group of artists living and working on the Amalfi Coast during the late 1800s.Two days of competition included a Tiki challenge held on the rocks beneath Maiori’s ancient Torre Normanna  A high speed challenge at sea followed involving each bartender attempting to make a ‘Shakerato Wild’ (a twist on the Campari Shakerato) whilst being thrown around in a speed boat.The Grand Finale took place beneath the stars on stage at the Port of Maiori where hundreds of locals enjoyed an evening of live music and competition judged by Salvatore and his fellow judges, bar legend Peter Dorelli and Leonardo Leuci of Jerry Thomas and hosted by Stefano Nencevich of Bar Giornale.Each bartender produced his original entry to the competition for the judges and from these, three finalists were chosen Manuel Sinatora, Michelangelo Del PezzoDaniele Russo They were presented with a traditional local pastry by celebrated Italian pastry chefs Sal DeRiso and Nicola Pansa and asked to create a cocktail to represent it. The overall winner was Manuel Sinatora.Salvatore wishes to give special thanks to the sponsors Campari Academy e Real Cocktail Ingredients, and  Andrea Ferrigno and his wife Paola Ruocco without who there would be no Maestro Challenge.Also to organisers Salvatore IngenitoSalvatore Sasha Guadagno, – Andrea Gatto  and their team Vincenzo Bellezza, Pietro D’Urzo, Aristide Milo, Raffaele de Rosa, Giuliano Cretella, Nello Ingenito, Nino BaldiAlso to the community of Maiori and specifically Ristorante Torre Normanna , Capone Servizi Marittimi, Matinée, Reginna Palace Hotel, Hotel san Francesco, ANGELINA APARTMENTS, Fabrocino, LemonGroup, Amalfi Musical, Albergo Pensione Riviera, Giardiniello Ristorante Pizzeria Minori, Gapslab Loading, Cartoleria Pisani(Rosaria Pisani), Giordano Visual Studio (Alfonso Narayano Giordano), Il Vescovado, Amalfinotizie. for their generous support.