Blue Blazer

Created by the Legendary “Professor Jerry Thomas”, while he was in residence at the bar of the El Dorado, San Francisco. Thomas was a star performer and with this drink, he perfected the technique of igniting the whisky and throwing the flaming liquid between two silver tankards – mixing the ingredients whilst the bar was aflame. This brilliant act impressed President Grant so much that he presented him with a cigar. Thomas refused to serve this drink until the thermometer fell below 10° centigrade. However if you had a cold or influenza he might have made an exception, for the Blue Blazer is reputed to ease the symptoms. So if you are hosting a mid winter party or have a needy customer at the bar and you want to show off your skill, this is the perfect drink.



  • 50ml Blended Whisky
  • 50ml boiling water
  • 1 bar spoon castor sugar
  • lemon peel


Place the sugar in an old fashion glass and heat two silver tankards with hot water. Heat the whisky in a small saucepan and pour into one of the warm tankards and pour the boiling water into the other tankard. Light the whisky and, while it is flaming, pour the two liquids from one tankard to the other four or five times. This may seem difficult at first and practice is required before you perform this task in front of your guests. If you want to make a longer stream of flame, the trick is to move the pouring arm in a smooth, upward movement as you pour the liquid into the second, stationary tankard. Sweeten with the sugar and serve in an old fashioned or small tumbler glass with a piece of lemon peel.